Bubble Bar




The grape resemble themselves as a cluster of mini spheres in nature, hiding their sweetness inside the burst shape. Through the process of producing champagne, this taste somehow is transformed completely into the moment of opening champagne. As the sparkling champagne rush out of the bottle, a smell of sweetness and joy is liberated in the form of emerging bubbles.

The champagne bar dives from the north bank of Seine and relaxes itself into a series of bubble floating in the river. In the endless folding of the outer shell, Seine water is brought to the heart of the interior, where one may find many opportunity to reach hand into the water while enjoying beverage in the bar. Another negative folds accommodate the bar counter and performance stage.

site plan-01.jpg

Since the moment one enters and he/she walking from location to location, a boundary-less openness on the wall  dance with the raising and falling exterior, which establishes a continuous framing sequence toward Louvre Museum, Orsay Museum and Notre-Dame De Pans on the distance. The bar floor is dipped below the water just enough to align the level of astonished eyes of customers, the audience of this play with the Seine.

In contrast from dipping the water, the performance stage and terrace are lift from water. Also they can potentially be transformed into a port for easy access from the river. 

The built-in coach at entrance and other seating areas, together with the kitchen facilities, are shaped as such to express the strong will of liberate itself from the roundness shell. In together they form a little universe inside the bubbles on the Seine.