The Silence of the Mask



The Bust of Medusa is a masterpiece of sculpture by Bernini, currently located at Campidoglio Museum, Roma.  This study was intent to reinterpret the curvature and smoothness on the Bust as a technique, as well as the formalize the shadows and aperture that formed around the snack hair. The result is simple but complex technique by means of hand controlled scoring and folding. The material self defines its own shadow when bending forces are applied from other elements as result of gravity and surface tension. The final geometry is formed within the constraint of itself. A secondary skin is projected on top of the paper to simulate the move of muscle.

Parnter: Kun Zhang

2014, Rome/RPI

Rise from the Folded

The face of Medusa is full of tension that caused by muscle rises. The surface of paper is carefully scored and trimmed, so when bend force applied, a flat sheet of material can be transformed into a volumetric object, cast shadow that reflect the energy embedded in the form.


The flow of muscle can be attached by new piece and the system grow in size and complexity. Soon the system begins to shape itself through the tension force among them.

Muscle Analysis: Normal VS Stressed

Muscle Analysis: Normal VS Stressed

141028 setup drawing1-01.jpg


A group of folded snakes are suspended between the two panels by acrylic lines, the system vibrates when wind hit or people walking by, and consequently the shadow casted changes its configuration from face to chaos and back to face.